So, you’re gonna get a free roof?

Your homeowner’s insurance will provide you compensation if your roof is subject to weather-related damage. If you have a “Replacement Policy”, which is most common, and your entire roof is damaged, it will cover the cost of replacing the roof, minus your deductible, often $1000. This leads many homeowners to pray for hail when their […]

The Mysteries of Roof Ventilation

In my conversations with homeowners about roof ventilation, I have discovered there is quite a bit of confusion as to what it is for, and how to best set it up. Roof ventilation is important because it keeps heat and moisture from building up in one’s attic. Heat build-up in the attic not only increases […]

The Purpose of Underlayment

If you have ever watched a roofing crew install a roof, then you may have noticed that they nail down a layer of some rolled product on top of the roof’s wood decking before the shingles are installed. This rolled product is called “underlayment”. Many homeowners believe that underlayment is some kind of secondary protection. […]

Organisms that Feed on Your Roof

Have you noticed black streaking on your roof? You may be surprised to hear the streaks are from algae colonies, which many would expect to be green. Regardless of their cause, the streaks are ugly. They can sometimes be removed by lightly spraying your roof with certain chemicals (protect that landscaping!), but algae streaks do […]