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Q: Are architectural shingles (dimensional shingles) worth the extra cost?

A: If you have your roof installed with Roofing 502, it will cost you an extra $15 per square to upgrade to architectural shingles (often called dimensional shingles). Since most roofs have around 30 squares of area, this results in an additional cost of $450. In almost every case, the added value one receives with architectural shingles will well worth the relatively small additional cost. To begin with, architectural shingles are more attractive. Because they are thicker, their appearance is more dimensional, giving the shingles a “shake” appearance. The added thickness also means they will last longer and be more impervious to hail damage and wind damage. And most importantly, architectural shingles now come with a lifetime guarantee, compared to the standard 25 year guarantee one receives with three-tab shingles. If you ever sell your house, these higher quality shingles will give your home a higher value.